Comité Permanent de Liaison des Orthophonistes-Logopèdes de l’UE

Standing Liaison Committee of E.U. Speech and Language Therapists and Logopedists


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Prof. Deborah Theodoros, Queensland University (Australia) 
Telepractice and Technology for Speech Language Therapy: The future in service delivery

Prof. Stefan Heim, Aachen University - Germany 
Fingerprints of developmental dyslexia: Cognitive subtypes, their neurobiological basis and therapeutical implications

Dr Hazel Roddam
, University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom) and Dr Hanneke Kalf, Radboud 
University (The Netherlands) 
Evidence Based Guidelines in Speech and Language Therapy




Oral Presentations - Abstracts



01.1  Effect of the Parent Focused Approach to the Communication Skills of Children with Cleft Palate - M. Cocquyt (Belgium) 

01.2  Clinical application of the Computer Articulation Instrument (CAI) - L. van Haaften (The Netherlands)

01.3  Intensive Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD) in Children with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome - C. Fox (USA)

01.4  Development of sucking patterns in preterm infants: new insights - S. da Costa (The Netherlands)



02.1  Impact of listener reactions toward stuttering of children: consequenses for treatment - R. Boey (Belgium)

02.2  A model of onset of stuttering and related variables - R. Boey (Belgium)

02.3  Post therapy quality of life of adults who stutter - R. Boey (Belgium)

02.4  Linguistic fluency in narration of persons with cluttering - Y. van Zaalen (The Netherlands)



03.1 Detection of literacy problems in educational domain of adult second language learners  -  C. Mostaert (Belgium)

03.2 Language Abilities Assessment of Children in Multicultural Settings - V. Makauskiene (Lithuania) This presentation was cancelled.

03.3 Assessment of language proficiency of multilingual students  -  G. Bruinsma (The Netherlands)

03.4 Multilingualism: a hidden reality  -  M. Blumenthal (The Netherlands)



04.1 How to implement AAC effectively in SLP  -  S. Deckers (The Netherlands)

04.2 Assessment of adult swallowing disorders (basic course)  -  H. Kalf (The Netherlands) [No abstract received]



05.1 Support of young adults with dyslexia: Experiences of young adults and their broader context -  J. de Brauwer (Belgium)

05.2 Prevention and therapy of reading difficulties. EBM struggeling for the better teaching standards -  M. Roclawska-Daniluk (Poland)

05.3 Study of the effects of morphological training in children with dyslexia -  H. Brèthes (France)

05.4 Predictors of language outcomes in deaf children after cochlear implantation -  T. Boons (Belgium)

05.5 Deaf infants with cochlear implants: phonology and syntax -  M. Beers (The Netherlands)

05.6 Benefit of hearing rehabilitation in adults with intellectual disabilities -  M. Coppens-Hofman (The Netherlands)



06.1 Self management to prevent speech, swallowing and shouder problems in head and neck cancer patients -  I. Cnossen (The Netherlands)

06.2 Can we improve swallowing by occluding the tracheostomy tubes of cannulated patients? -  Y. Knerr (Germany)

06.3 Association between swallowing and voice quality in patients treated for head and neck cancer -  I. Verdonck (The Netherlands)

06.4 Introducing multidisciplinary tracheostomy management and evidence based guidelines into Estonia -  A. Sutt (Estonia)

06.5 Speech therapy in Patients with Excessive Supragastric Belching -  L. Ten Cate (The Netherlands)

06.6 Causes and solutions for drooling in Parkinson’s disease -  H. Kalf (The Netherlands)



07.1 Grammatical and lexical proficiency in monolingual and bilingual children with SLI  -  A. Orgassa (The Netherlands)

07.2 Grammatical and lexical development in monolingual and bilingual adolescents with SLI  -  A. Orgassa (The Netherlands)

07.3 Assessing Multilingual Children: Inductive Approach Using Parental Mobile Phone Cams  -  W. Scharff Rethfeldt (Germany)

07.4 Language development in internationally adopted children from four years to second grade  -  A. Rygvold (Norway)

07.5 What factors determine the succes of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention?  -  A. Dhondt (Belgium)

07.6 Do SLT’s in Europe use ICF and ICF-CY? Survey by the CPLOL Professional Practice Committee  -  A. Ameen (Malta)



08.1 Increasing accessibility to intensive speech treatment: Telepractice and LSVT Companion -  C. Fox (USA)

08.2 Measuring Pragmatic Skills of Children from Specific Target Groups: Use of the EPVs -  M. Cocquyt (Belgium)



09.1  EPVS: Lists for Evaluation of Pragmatic Skills  -  M. Cocquyt (Belgium)

09.2  Assessing language comprehension in German preschool children: A comparison of 2 standardized tests  -  M. Gumpert (Germany)

09.3  Dynamic assessment in a web based expert system  -  Y. van Zaalen (The Netherlands)

09.4  A transagency approach to enabling access to parent based intervention for early language delay  -  D. Gibbard (UK)

09.5  An exploratory review of UK-based early years primary prevention by speech and language therapists  -  C. Smith (UK)

09.6  Do we need guidelines? Expert opinion in child language disorders  -  E. van Niel (The Netherlands)



10.1  The NETQUES project: European speech and language therapy education - united in diversity  -  J. Stansfield (UK)

10.2  Strengths and weaknesses of an Evidence-Based Practice course focused on information literacy  -  N. Durieux (Belgium)

10.3  Learning interprofessional competencies in logopedics and primary teacher education  -  A. Yliherva (Finland)

10.4  Quality evaluation of the education of speech language pathologists in Sweden  -  E. Lindström (Finland)

10.5  Application of multimedia components to the education of speech and language therapists  -  I. Lange (Germany)

10.6  Becoming a placement educator: SLTs’ stories of their experiences and development  -  J. Stewart (UK)



11.1 Is your voice green or black? Can acoustic and prosodic correlations define your speech style?  -  B. Timmermans (Belgium)

11.2 Reliability and validity of the Italian Self-Evaluation of Communication Experiences after Laryngeal Cancer  -  A. Schindler (Italy)

11.3 Building an e-health portal for patients after total laryngectomy for laryngeal cancer  -  I. Cnossen (The Netherlands)

11.4 Psychosocial handicapping effects of voice disorders in teachers’ population  -  B. Trinite (Latvia)

11.5 The effectiveness of voice coaching in female (future) teachers  -  L. Meulenbroek (The Netherlands)

11.6 Behavioral voice therapy in unilateral vocal fold paralysis: preliminary results  -  Y. Maryn (Belgium)



12.1 Assessment of adult swallowing disorders (basic course)  -  Hanneke Kalf (Netherlands)

12.2 The diagnosis of stuttering in children and adults. The test for the severity of stuttering  -  R. Boey (Belgium)



13.1 Do language delayed children show specific temperament traits?  -  J. Phillips (UK)

13.2 Receptive language disorders in children  -  E. Gerrits (The Netherlands)

13.3 Characteristics of Auditory Processing Disorders in Children  -  E. de Wit (The Netherlands)

13.4 Screening Sensory Processing Dysfunction in Children with Specific Language Impairment  -  M. Taal (The Netherlands)

13.5 Prevalence of speech-language-communication difficulties in Italian young offenders: a pilot study  -  R. Citro (Italy)



14.1 Working together, writing a thesis  -  Ruth Dalemans, Pernelle Van Loon 

       "Modern practical education in ‘Het Praktijkhuis’ - S. Diepeveen (The Netherlands)" was presented as a poster (P.50). 

14.2 Undergraduate student research, ethics and regulation: how to overcome the barriers -  J. Stansfield (UK)

14.3 Quality of assessments of the first-year practice period -  K. Neijenhuis (The Netherlands)

14.4 ‘Innovation for Speech Language Pathology’ - a new educational seminar -  D. Kogovsek (Slovenia)

14.5 The foundations of Speech and Language Therapy in the education of SLT -  P. Berns (The Netherlands)



15.1 Impact of mouth opening on intelligibility and articulatory precision: the cork task -  B. Timmermans (Belgium)

15.2 The relationship between quality of life and dysarthria in patients with MS -  A. Schindler (Italy)

15.3 Cluttering and Parkinson: Kinematic similarities and differences -  Y. van Zaalen (The Netherlands)

15.4 Speech in adults with Intellectual Disabilities -  M. Coppens-Hofman (The Netherlands)

15.5 The Living with Dysarthria programme for post-stroke dysarthria -  C. Mackenzie (UK)

15.6 Investigating the potentials of E-learning based Speech Therapy in dysarthric speakers -  L. Beijer ( The Netherlands)



16.1 The resonance tube method in voice therapy - a tutorial workshop on the method and some observations -  S. Simberg (Finland)

16.2 Measuring dysphonia severity: development and application of the Acoustic Voice Quality Index -  Y. Maryn (Belgium)



17.1 TinyEYE: a telemedicine and technology application in SLT -  E. Gielen (The Netherlands)

17.2 Importance of language skills in school readiness! -  M. Christopoulou (Cyprus)

17.3 Dutch clinical guideline otitis media in children -  E. Gerrits (The Netherlands)



18.1 Effects of PBL in the Self-regulated Learning, Motivation, Calibration and Critical Thinking -  L. Rodriguez (Spain)

18.2 Séminaires ARP, 1e année Maîtrise Univ. de Logopédie: le défi de l’évaluation des connaissances (F) -  V. Monney (Switzerland)

18.3 Establishing Speech Language Pathology Programs in Developing Countries -  L. McNeilly (USA)

18.4 Evidence-based practice in the eyes of students: perceived barriers and opportunities -  B. Spek (The Netherlands)

18.5 Education in the methodology of applied research projects -  J. de Beer (The Netherlands)



19.1 Validation of the Italian Aachner Aphasie Bedside Test (i-aabt) for the assessment of aphasia in the acute phase -  A. Schindler (Italy)

19.2 Self-perceptions of people with aphasia concerning communication with family members and strangers -  P. Rautakoski (Finland)

19.3 Cognitive-linguistic disorders in Parkinson’s disease disentangled by using verbal fluency methods -  K. Colman (The Netherlands)

19.4 Cost effectiveness of computer therapy for people with chronic aphasia: results of a pilot study -  R. Palmer (UK)

19.5 Practice card therapy -  S. Aarts (The Netherlands)



20.1 Bridging language barriers in speech-language therapy -  S. Twilt (The Netherlands)



Poster Presentations

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