The objectives of CPLOL are -

  • to represent the member professional organisations to the European and international political, parliamentary and administrative authorities
  • to promote, within member countries of the EU:
    • freedom of movement and the right of members of the profession to practise in the countries of the EU
    • the co-ordination of conditions for the practice of speech and language therapy-logopedics
    • the equivalence of qualifications
    • the harmonisation of legislation relating to the profession
    • the exchange of scientific knowledge and research in the fields of speech and language therapy-logopedics
    • the harmonisation of standards and quality of initial training and continuing education
  • to study regulations and decisions made by European authorities affecting speech and language therapy - logopedics, and to submit projects and proposals to these authorities
  • to promote meetings with EU liaison committees representing other professions, which have common interests with speech and language therapists - logopedists
  • to provide assistance to member associations if the proposals made are of common interest
  • to organise European scientific congresses for speech and language therapists – logopedists
  • to publish any scientific and professional materials consistent with the CPLOL mission and the interests of the profession
  • to have contacts with professional and scientific organisations of speech and language therapists world-wide
  • to study and publish any document relating to European Speech and Language Therapy
  • to provide expert advice in Speech and Language Therapy / Logopedics to any political, parliamentary or administrative authority or any recognised association which would request it
  • to facilitate the development of the speech and language therapy profession by training, negotiation and taking new organisations into membership.

Donation policy

"CPLOL is committed to contribute to the development, the practice and the sustainability of the profession.
To this end, donations should support CPLOL’s aims and objectives and allow its members to benefit from them in all professional areas.
The policy is intended to complement CPLOL’s commitment to defend the profession and its member associations."

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